This is a very common question asked by several workers in the UAE . First of all this is important to note that , as per the recent explanation by ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization ( MOHRE) , there is no legal requirement to seek approval from the full time employer or company of the employee. The part time work is an additional work performed by the worker to his ongoing full-time job.
The main requirements for part time contract are, the employee should fall under the skill level jobs prescribed by ministry of labor in UAE and that the new employer must receive a formal work permit from the ministry and all the duties performed by the employee must be in accordance with the regulations of MOHRE .
Then the important issue may be regarding the competition clause signed with the main employer or sponsor , so in this context , the MOHRE verify the application and review the trade license and main business activities of the original employer before issuing part time permit .
Any expatriate found working for the company without holding a permit is illegal and may slap a hefty fine of AED 50,000 to the recruiting company.
Disclaimer – The above information is for the knowledge of readers and should not be considered as a formal legal opinion from a lawyer that may change from a case-to-case basis!

Shakeel A. Mian
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