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Prudential Middle East ( PME Consuting Florida US LLC) is a registeted LLC in Florida USA bearing Registration No. L 23000307050 is a business enabling division of a UAE based law firm ,( PME Consulting UAE) established in 2008 with its registration No. RAKIA 74FZ303102693 and had been serving its local and international clients In UAE since then.

In a strategic move to strengthen its global presence and for providing market entry services a prominent consulting firm based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has opened its doors in Miami Florida, USA. 





Market research

Networking and introductions

Market entry strategy development

Partner identification

We help our clients for Conducting in-depth research and analysis of the UAE market to understand its dynamics, consumer behavior, competition, regulatory environment, and potential opportunities and challenges.

A Reliable Business Setup Consultant in Dubai

The UAE has emerged as a thriving hub for international trade, investment, and business opportunities. Its strategic location, robust economy, and investor-friendly policies have attracted numerous multinational corporations looking to tap into the region’s potential. However, navigating the intricacies of the UAE’s legal framework, cultural nuances, and business practices can be a complex and challenging task for foreign entities.

Recognizing the growing demand for comprehensive legal assistance and guidance, the our UAE-based law firm has set its sights on the US market. By establishing a dedicated office in Florida, the firm aims to bridge the gap between US businesses and the UAE, providing them with a reliable and knowledgeable local partner to navigate the legal and business landscape and facilitate their market entry into UAE.

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Meet our team

Shakeel A.Mian

Mr. Mian is the founding partner of Pridential middle east legal consultants established in UAE on 2008. He is a commercial lawyer. During this long time, he advised and assisted a lot of local and international companies in the UAE on different corporate legal matters relating to mergers and acquisitions, Legal due diligence to mitigate investment risks of buyers or investors, employment laws, real estate laws, international commercial arbitration, dispute resolution, debt recoveries and ESG related matters.

He is also the director of Prudential middle east consulting Florida USA LLC, which is a market entry service provider firm based in Miami, USA to assist both UAE and GCC companies to enter into US market and US companies to enter into UAE.

Dr. Sultan Mahmood

Dr Sultan Mahmood is the environment and Sustainability consultant at the firm. A 35 years long credit goes to him to work in this industry and currently see our ESG-related projects in UAE and GCC region.

He played his part for Food Security in Pakistan right after receiving his foreign PhD from Poland in 1992 and closely addressed three contributory factors of this process, viz. environmental impacts on agriculture, human food productivity in terms of milk, meat & egg and nutrient utilization by animals and human, out of five basic pillars of food security, where other two untouched areas are food availability & food affordability.

First decade’s strives, in fact, revolved around rendering services to agriculture & livestock sectors through FAO, GTZ, BRSP, Punjab Government & Universities at US, Poland, Peru, Germany and Denmark. In second decade he established SECP registered company in Pakistan, m/s EcoCare Consultancy Services (ECCS) Pvt Ltd, and invested the blend of experience with his multidisciplinary team players through completing <400 projects in Pakistan, some in Europe & US as well, in the areas of food production, social & environment, to shape-up the diverse portfolio of viable Food Security System and emphasized two other interdependent disciplines, viz. animal/plant sources of human food, and physical/social environment, e.g. climate change & community behavior.

Since 2012, the third decade envisages to help the policy makers of Pakistan to embark on the FAO defined (2011) food security dimensions and meeting the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) related to Food & Environment which later on updated by the UN in 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2017. Major areas of deliberations of his company fall in SDG13 and SDG4.

He has in-depth policy and field experience in conserving Natural Resources (land, water, animal/plant) by mitigating the adverse impacts of mega constructions for power generation thru hydro, solar & wind; highway network; irrigation system; industrial growth and waste management, etc., to ensure security of human food production by sustaining an equilibrium between Urban & Rural Developments. He is expert in biodiversity management, food agriculture and renewable energy resources. This complex niche gets successful ends most of the times when he works for projects funded by IFCs, government, universities and private sector.

Shahid Jamal / Senior Tech lawyer

Meet Shahid Jamal, also known as Shahid Jamal Tubrazy in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. With a Crypto Law certification from Duke University and specialized knowledge in AI, InsurTech, and Real Estate Technology from the University of Pennsylvania, Shahid is a distinguished author with a substantial body of work dedicated to the regulation of blockchain and crypto assets.

If you’re embarking on your cryptocurrency journey and in need of expert legal counsel, look no further. Shahid’s expertise spans a wide range of services, including the meticulous drafting, proofreading, and enhancement of Whitepapers. He also provides tailored Legal Opinions for your cryptocurrency token endeavors, whether they involve ICOs, STOs, DeFi, DAO, or navigating the intricate landscape of blockchain laws. Count on him to deliver outstanding results that ensure your satisfaction.

Shahid Jamal Tubrazy is not just a legal expert but also a published author with several notable works:

  1. “Navigating the Carbon Credits Market: The Role of Blockchain in Carbon Trading” Get it on Amazon
  2. “Regulatory Compliance Challenges for Crypto Token Companies” Get it on Amazon
  3. “Tokens and Trust: Building Fair Distribution Models for the Future” Get it on Amazon
  4. “Law and Blockchain: Legal Issues and Challenges in the Era of Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts” Get it on Amazon
  5. “Creating Crypto Business Common Law Trust: in a safe and neutral jurisdiction” Get it on Amazon

To contact him write on:


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